Titan Lifts sends many freight shipments every day and have been doing so for a very long time. In doing so, we have seen almost every odd event that can happen during shipping, so we take great care to ensure our products are packaged to withstand rigorous freight shipping. That being said, once the product leaves our warehouse, we can make no guarantee about the product's condition. Most of the time, the freight carriers do a fine job at handling and delivering these large items, but every once in a while a product is damaged during the shipping process. It will be your responsibility to inspect the product for damage when it arrives. The following will help you know what to do in the rare event that your product shows up damaged.


Once the product leaves our warehouse, it is consigned to you and you are responsible for appropriately receiving the delivery. Thus, it will be your duty to inspect the product when it is delivered. It is the truck driver's responsibility to move the product to the back of the truck and your responsibility to unload it. BEFORE unloading the product, you must inspect for damage. If you find freight damage, there are two options we recommend:

1. Accept the item with freight damage.

Choose this option if there are minor scratches or blemishes or a simple part that would need replaced to put the product back in satisfactory working order. Make note of the damage by writing a description directly on the freight bill paperwork prior to signing it, as you will be responsible for filing the freight damage claim with the carrier. Please take pictures of the damage before signing the freight bill. After you have successfully unloaded the product and signed the freight bill with notes of the damage, please email the photos to contact@titan-lifts.com and call Titan Lifts at 888-908-4826. Please note that it can take up to 120 days for claim resolution.

2. Refuse the damaged product.

Choose this option if the carrier has severely damaged the product beyond what you would consider a simple repair. Please take pictures of the damaged product, as well as obtain a copy of the freight bill from the driver. Then email Titan the pictures at contact@titan-lifts.com and fax us the freight bill at 317-215-2770. Titan Lifts will file the freight claim in this instance.

As stated before, once the product leaves our facilities, we cannot guarantee exactly how it is handled in transport, but we do take every precaution to prepare our products for freight delivery. Freight damage is a rare occurrence, but it is always best to be prepared if it does!

The following label is placed on all freight shipments leaving our main warehouse as a reminder of how to properly receive a freight shipment.

Titan Freight Label

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